About my diseases

About our diseases

I am   Jimi John ,Studying M.A. Multimedia in 
JDT Islam Arts and Science college Calicut.
  Our sick name is "Muscular Atrophy";
Motor neuron disease left me completely paralyzed, nevertheless I haven't lose my hope and started studying...
 My sister also like me.
Muscular Dystrophy,a degenerative disease of skeletal (voluntary) muscles,
is considered the most prevalent form of childhood muscular dystrophy.
It has a relatively rapid, progressive disease course.
Muscular Dystrophy is initially characterized by muscle weakness and wasting (atrophy)
within the pelvic area that may be followed by involvement
of the shoulder muscles.
With disease progression, muscle weakness and atrophy affect the
trunk and forearms and gradually progress to involve most major muscles of the body.
In individuals with the disorder, initial findings may include an unusual,
waddling manner of walking (gait); difficulty climbing stairs or rising from a sitting position; and repeated falling. With disease progression, additional abnormalities may
develop, such as progressive curvature of the spine; wasting of thigh muscles
and abnormal enlargement of the calves due to degenerative
changes of muscle fibers (pseudo hypertrophy); and abnormal
fixation of certain joints (joint contractures) due to muscle weakness, prolonged immobility, and shortening of muscle fibers.
By approximately age 10 to 12, most affected individuals require the use of a wheelchair.
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